Teddy Bear Hamster

This is our first hamster. He is a teddy bear hamster named bolt. We got him from pet smart and he is very friendly. He does not bite and will easily let you pick him up and he is also very active and loved going on the hamster wheel or ball. The first couple days we let him get use to being in his cage and feeling comfortable. Later on we started taking him out everyday into the hamster ball for excercise.

We had him for 2 weeks then he past away due to what we think is hydration. He has been eating his food and was given water but was not drinking out of the bottle. Could be from not being able to find the bottle in the cage, it is unknown. After a week of being unsure if it was drinking, when he was in the hamster ball I hand fed him the bottle and he drank it. The next day we discovered he was dead. Unsure if he was sick when we got him or if he had dehydration. Average life span for a teddy bear hamster is 2-3 years and in small cases could live up to 5 years. They are nocturnal which means they like to sleep in the day and stay up all night. Since the hamster was in a classroom surrounded by people and getting taken out into the ball, his sleeping arrangements were changed.


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