Contamination Disaster of Flint Michigan

http:// people are suffering in Flint, Michigan from the water contamination. Poisonous lead and harmful toxins are entering the citizen’s homes making them unable to bathe or drink. Citizens are refusing to drink or bathe in the water and are using bottled water instead, while others do not have a choice or can afford bottled water and suffer the consequences with rashes, hair loss and lead poisoning. The government felt there was no need to examine the water to see if it was clean and left this issue alone for 18 months, letting down the citizens of Flint. When the issue got worse the government stepped in and resolved it by rerouting the supplies. Flint is now receiving 80 million dollars from the president Barack Obama for aid because the whole town is now at risk to being exposed to heavy metal lead. 9000 children have been exposed to high levels of lead and this is only the amount of children who have been exposed. There are several lawsuits that are filed against government officials for mishandling the issue. This outbreak is having a major impact and leaving the globe in shock.


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